Scoring BIK – what's with points?



Credit Information Bureau deals with gathering information about the indebtedness of Poles. If we ever took a loan, credit, we had a credit card or debit card, we are in BIK bases.

Information about our subject is expressed there in points. What exactly is BIK scoring, or point scoring?

Before granting a loan or a loan, banking and non-bank institutions look for information about their client to find out if he is trustworthy. The main base from which they obtain information is the base of the Credit Information Bureau.

This is not only a list of debtors, as some call BIK, but in the bases, we will also find positive information that works in our favor. If in the past we had a loan or loan and we repaid our liability without problems, the information on this subject is available at BIK. When we want to take a loan once again, then a bank or a loan company based on the repayment history of our previous obligations may give us a positive decision – even without the need to provide any documents.

What is the point score in BIK?

In order to make it easier for banks and non-bank companies using the BIK database to obtain information about clients applying for loans and credits, a special scoring is used, i.e. scoring. Basically, the more points we accumulate, the easier it will be for more loans and credits.

The point score in BIK allows you to get from 192 to 631 points. In addition, stars are used to better visualize the result.

Number of points and stars in BIK:

• from 192 to 279 points – 1 star

• from 280 to 367 points – 2 stars

• from 368 to 455 points – 3 stars

• from 456 to 543 points – 4 stars

• from 544 to 631 points – 5 stars

What affects the number of points in BIK?

Dependence here is simple – the more reliable a borrower or borrower we are, the more points we have. Thus, the scoring allows us to assess our credit risk.

We start, however, with zero points. That is why in the beginning we may have a problem with obtaining a loan or loan for a higher sum. It is recommended then to take a smaller loan and pay it back so that information about us can be found in BIK.

We earn points when we borrow and loan and repay them on time. The more loans and credits we have, the more stars we will have. However, there are also factors that lower the BIK score.

The point score in BIK decreases:

• delay in repayment of liabilities – the length of the delay is important, the time from the last delay in repayment, the amount of arrears in repayment

• use of the credit limit – exceeding this limit and high level of its use, because then we will not be able to take out further loans and credits

• high credit activity – a lot of loans and credits taken recently, a large number of applications submitted, a short time from submitting the last loan or credit application

You can also check the number of your own points – we will do it on the website of the Credit Information Bureau after registration.