Payment on delivery – what is worth knowing about it?

When shopping online you can use various payment methods. One of these forms of payment is cash on delivery. In many cases, it is a much more secure form of payment, as we only pay for purchases when courier deliveries.

When shopping online is done, choosing a payment for downloading is a safer option, especially if you make your first purchase in a particular store.

With such purchases, you can not trust the seller. The COD purchase allows you to pay for the ordered products only when the ordered product is delivered. There is, therefore, no need to pay in advance for purchased products. You pay for the package only when it is handed over by an employee of the post or courier.


Benefits of choosing payment on delivery


The benefits of choosing a cash-on-delivery payment can include, among other things, much faster delivery of the package. In most cases, such granting is faster because sellers do not wait to pay for the purchased product, which is the case for all types of payments in advance.

Very often parcels are sent on the same day, which again translates into the possibility of getting a package the very next day in case you choose a parcel with cash on delivery in the form of a priority or courier.

The main benefit of choosing packages for cash-on-delivery is, however, much greater security of carrying out such purchases in stores, the services of which are used for the first time. When you have already completed shopping in a store, you can be convinced that the store is not a cheater.

However, if you choose a new place to shop, it is difficult to assess whether such a store will actually deliver. Choosing a COD delivery, in this case, means that you do not have to pay for the purchased goods in advance, not being sure that the delivery will take place.

It is worth choosing if it is possible to deliver on delivery when you buy products in small stores, new stores on the market or sellers who do not have a large number of good opinions when shopping on sales portals. Generally, the lower the credibility of the seller, including spending on cash on delivery is a much better solution.

Delivery costs on delivery

However, one has to take into account that delivery on delivery is more expensive. Such a shipment is more expensive than other forms of parcels by a few to a dozen or so zlotys. So if you do not have to decide on this form of delivery, it is not worth deciding on it. It makes no sense to overpay for delivery in large and proven stores on the clothing market or in stores where regular purchases are made as a regular customer.

When using COD supplies, you must also take into account that when delivering you must have cash with you. You should have exactly calculated amount, which will be paid for the ordered goods along with delivery costs that will have to be paid to the courier or postman.

It very often happens that the postman or courier will not have the money to spend the rest.