Low pension – how can you earn some extra money?


When retiring, you do not have to give up professional activity. For many people, retirement work is also a necessity due to the very low pension they receive. However, you can make a retirement pension without losing your pension entitlements, so check out the detailed legal regulations.

When undertaking a paid job, one must take into account that excessively high earnings may lead to the loss of some or all of the retirement benefits. The amount of financial means that a pensioner can earn depends on the average monthly salary, which is published by the Central Statistical Office.

The pension may be reduced if the pensioner earns more than seventy percent of the monthly salary. The pension may be suspended if the pensioner earns one hundred and thirty percent of the monthly average remuneration published by the Central Statistical Office.

These restrictions do not apply to people who have already reached the universal retirement age, which again after retirement age changes for men 65 and for women 60 years.

Work covered by benefits

Pensioners who are subject to restrictions on the number of earnings they earn may work on the basis of contracts that are not covered by compulsory social insurance. Work on an employment contract for a definite or indefinite period of time will be covered by the limits of earnings that can be obtained by the pensioner after exceeding which the pension or disability pension will be limited or suspended.

However, when taking a job under civil law contracts that are not covered by compulsory social insurance, such as a contract for a specific task or an agency agreement, these restrictions on the number of earnings affecting the amount of the retirement benefit do not apply. For this reason, it is the best solution for pensioners who want to earn more money while not wanting to reduce their retirement pension.

Collecting pensions and work

Many people who have reached retirement age and receive a pension benefit are still in good health. For many people of retirement age, work is a form of participation in social life.

Such people often take part-time jobs, which allows them to continue their professional life without having to do such intensive work as they did before retiring. In many professions, it is also possible to perform further full-time work while reducing workloads.

Many employers are interested in employing retirees in case they can lower their labor costs. Then, retirees are offered employment under a contract for a job, which allows them to pay no social benefits.

At the same time, it does not negatively affect pensioners, because they do not collect future retirement contributions. In addition, health insurance contributions are paid for retirement benefits, which allows you to be treated in the public health care system.