How to pay with your phone safely?

Our phone can not only be used for calling or text messaging, but also for paying. Currently, mobile payments are becoming more and more popular – all you need is a smartphone with internet access. However, as with other payment methods, we should keep in mind the main security rules. What to look for?

The more payment methods we have available, the more questions arise. However, if we want comfort, we should get to know them better because we can not only save our time but also money.

Mobile payments, because it will be referred to them, are today an attractive alternative to other methods of paying for purchases, bills or services. We have at our disposal several methods of payment by phone – each takes place a bit differently.

The most popular methods of phone payment:

• transfers via the bank’s mobile application

• BLIK – payment method replacing the payment card

• rifles and other stickers on the phone for contactless payments

• the contactless card in your phone, for example, Android Pay (only available on some phone models)

• online payment systems

• payments using SMS messages

Therefore, we can use the phone for both online payments and stationary ones – in regular stores. We can use these payment methods according to our individual needs and the possibilities given to us by the bank or telephone.

How do phone payments take place?

Jak bezpiecznie płacić telefonem?

One of the main advantages of paying by phone is speed – even transfers can be made to other phone numbers or e-mail addresses without the need to know the recipient’s account number. When we have a payment card connected to the payment system, in principle only one click is necessary to perform the transaction.

Another advantage of this type of payment is convenience – we do not have to be at the computer to perform the payment and we can pay in many places and at any time. It is worth pointing out that currently, more and more cities are introducing the possibility of paying for bus and tram tickets by telephone.

Regardless of which of the above payment methods we choose, we should remember about security issues.

Secure mobile payments:

• payment applications are downloaded only from the official store for our operating system

• beware of suspicious messages, e-mails, links on social networks – do not click on them and do not open attachments

• always check exactly the codes to confirm transactions in the case of transfers

• use the phone lock so that unauthorized persons can not access it

• do not buy on suspicious websites that have no opinions or have negative opinions – it is often better to pay more than to get into trouble

• Do not fotografujmy card payment and credit and do not place their photos on social networks

• We do not give people who we do not know well, our data to log in to a bank account and to other payment systems

• do not use public Wi-Fi networks for payment and do not log in to internet cafes